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Burger Bucket List: 16 Burgers To Taste In East Texas

Burger Bucket List: 16 Burgers To Taste In East Texas
Fat Boyzzz

A double cheese burger at Longview’s Fat Boyzzz on Wednesday January 20, 2021. (Michael Cavazos/ETX View Photo)

A decent burger isn’t hard to find. Almost any restaurant that serves classic, American food will have at least a handful of tasty options.

Finding an outstanding burger isn’t as simple.

Many things make a burger special — the way the meat is pattied, the seasonings used, whether the buns are toasted or not. You can get a burger with almost any imaginable topping tailored to your palate. The freshness of those toppings can play a role in how the whole burger tastes.

What ultimately makes a burger the best?

It’s really a matter of exactly how satisfying it is.

“I’m a burger fanatic and this is my favorite,” Chris Capps said as he ate a hamburger – better known as a “Bubba Burger” – at Fugler’s Grocery and Market in Marshall. “I don’t know what to say except that my belly loves it.”

Fugler’s launched East Texas into the national burger spotlight when Marshall native George Foreman told Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” that Fugler’s “Bubba Burger” was the best hamburger he’d ever had.

In fact, Foreman and his family continue to make trips to this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Marshall for a taste of their iconic burger. Pictures of the Foremans with the Fugler family adorn the walls in the combination grocery store, laundromat and hamburger restaurant.

Not only did Fugler’s take a seat in the national spotlight, the restaurant also proved that the best burgers can come from anywhere, from a small-town favorite to the fanciest of restaurants, anyone can make an outstanding hamburger.

We went on a search to find the best burgers in East Texas.

Although the burgers on this list are special in their own ways, many of them have the same qualities you’d expect: a soft, toasted bun; juicy, hand-pattied beef seasoned and cooked to perfection; and fresh veggies often chopped daily in house.

In no particular order, here is our Burger Bucket List of 16 hamburgers you have to taste across East Texas.


At George Foreman’s favorite burger joint, John “Bubba” Fugler Jr. serves hamburgers in the combined grocery store, restaurant and laundromat that his family has owned since 1940.

While the store has existed for 81 years, it started serving burgers exactly 40 years ago in 1981 after a neighbor came in and asked for Bubba to cook a hamburger.

Fugler’s serves one of the largest patties around at 12 ounces. Meat is ground in-house daily and patties are formed by hand. Buns are toasted on both sides and toppings are customized to whatever a person wants.

“We make it exactly how you want it,” Fugler said.

Stack the patties as high as you want for your ultimate burger experience. The record is currently a burger with six patties and 12 slices of cheese.

Try a double cheeseburger. You’ll leave feeling satisfied, full and maybe in need of an afternoon nap when you leave. Fugler’s is located at 10079 Texas 154 in Marshall.

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Fat Boyzzz

For hearty portions of delicious down-home food, including one of the best burgers in Longview, look no further than Fat Boyzzz.

Dwayne Alexander started his restaurant five years ago with a desire to bring home-cooked meals to South Longview. He learned to cook from his mother and his father, who worked for more than 30 years at Longview’s iconic Johnny Cace’s Seafood and Steak House restaurant.

At Alexander's restaurant, everything is made from scratch including the hamburgers. Fat Boyzzz juicy hamburgers feature half-pound patties made with Angus beef and placed on a sourdough bun. The hand-pattied meat is placed on a sourdough bun that’s toasted to perfection and topped with fresh cut veggies.

“The meat, the way we season it, the bread, the fresh vegetables – it’s a combination of everything but it’s one of the best combinations around,” Alexander said.

With music playing and a relaxed atmosphere, Alexander has transformed the former Denny’s on I-20 into a cool hangout with amazing food.

Try a double patty cheeseburger with all the toppings for an excellent experience. Fat Boyzzz is located at 607 N. Access Road in Longview, just off of I-20 at Estes Parkway.

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Kamo’s Kajun Grill

One of the newest additions to the East Texas burger scene is arguably one of the best around, and it’s entirely the creation of 19-year-old Tylerite, Kameron Mitchell.

Mitchell started up Kamo’s Kajun Grill toward the end of his senior year of high school, but he’s been cooking almost as long as he’s been walking. He wanted to use his finesse to offer a new type of burger to East Texas.

Enter the Cajun burger. A special blend of seasonings gives Kamo’s patties a unique, Cajun flavor. Patties are flavorful and fluffy, veggies are fresh and buns are toasted.

“Everything we put onto our burger or anything in our restaurant is farm to table. We use locally sourced ingredients that increase the quality of our food,” Mitchell said.

Kamo’s Cut Beef Boudin Burger is a crowd pleaser. It’s a Cajun patty with toppings that include boudin all placed between two buns. Try it with a side of Brenden’s seasoned fries created by Mitchell’s brother.

Kamo’s is located at 16700 FM 2493 in Tyler.

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  • What: Kamo's Kajun Grill
  • Where: 16700 FM 2493, Tyler
  • Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday; 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday; 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday
  • Phone: (903) 258-4205
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Butcher Shop

Since 1983, Butcher Shop has been serving up some of the most iconic hamburgers in Longview.

“Our entire process starts with grinding our meat fresh daily. That takes a hamburger to the next level,” said Michael Ashdown, the restaurant’s director of operations and marketing. “We put our patties on freshly baked buns and allow the custom to choose their toppings at our fixins bar.”

In addition to its traditional burgers, Butcher Shop also has a Bet You Can’t Burger Challenge which dares individuals to eat a burger made with a 5-pound ground beef patty, topped with a half-pound of melted shredded cheddar cheese on a giant sourdough bun with 2 pounds of fries served on the side. Patrons have one hour to complete the challenge. Though many have tried, none have conquered this burger feat so far.

Family-owned and operated, Butcher Shop offers a variety of specialty burgers including The Flamethrower. This burger features an 8-ounce patty topped with ghost pepper cheese, bacon, freshly grilled jalapeno slices and habanero mayonnaise on a jalapeno cheddar bun.

Butcher Shop is located at 102 Lehigh St. in Longview.

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East Texas Burger Co.

East Texas Burger Co., located at 124 E. Broad St. in Mineola, may have been established in 1984 but if walls could talk this restaurant would tell stories that date back to the days of Bonnie and Clyde who stopped in the building when it was a different restaurant.

Napkin art from restaurant patrons and memorabilia recounting the restaurant’s history adorn the walls in this classic hamburger joint. The cooking method makes their hamburgers unique, owner Ken Davis said.

“Everything is fresh. Our meat is hand-pattied everyday and of course all of the ingredients that we add to it are fresh,” he said. “All of that combined means that we serve a really top-notch, quality product every day.”

Popular burgers include the Bacon Three Cheese Burger and the Allaso Burger, which is named after nearby Allaso Ranch. The Allaso Burger features a half-pound patty, topped with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, bacon and chipotle mayonnaise on a jalapeno bun.

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Loggins Restaurant

For 71 years, Loggins Restaurant has been a popular Tyler lunch spot, especially among East Texas Aggies who will find extensive Texas A&M memorabilia adorning the restaurant’s walls.

Locally owned by Texas A&M alumni Jerry and Lyana Loggins, the restaurant has a vast menu that includes a good, old-fashioned, classic hamburger.

Manager Patricia McNease said the burger’s uniqueness comes from grinding its hamburger meat daily and making its own buns. The difference can be tasted in the homemade buns, which take this burger to the next level.

“We have fresh buns, fresh hamburger meat and a lot of nostalgia in our food,” McNease said.

The restaurant serves classic burgers, bacon cheeseburgers and jalapeno burgers with quarter-pound patties seasoned to perfection. Try a slice of Loggins homemade pie for dessert to complete your meal.

Loggins is located at 137 S. Glenwood Blvd. in Tyler.

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Since opening the doors of its first restaurant in Longview in 1980, this locally owned restaurant chain has lived up to its name by serving some of the juiciest hamburgers in East Texas.

The late Ronny Maxey opened the original Jucys at 816 W. Marshall Ave. in Longview about 41 years ago. Since opening, the restaurant grew so much in popularity that the family has opened two additional locations in Longview, one in Marshall and two locations in Tyler. A third Tyler location is currently under construction.

Jucys makes everything in house to maintain a fresh quality. From grinding their own meat to slicing their own vegetables, Jucys keeps its quality high with its freshly made burgers.

While Jucys offers a variety of hamburgers, we recommend the classic Jucys cheeseburger made with a half-pound patty, topped with your choice of cheese and toppings, and served on a toasted bun.

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Dairy Palace