The fashion of the 1990s is well and truly back, and with it comes the return of skater style. From oversized graphic T-shirts to comfy sneakers, the apparel donned by skaters in the 1990s is on-trend once again.

People looking to feel totally "stoked" wearing this revived style need to look no further than Ollie's Skate Shop in downtown Longview, where you can find clothing, shoes, accessories and gear including skateboards, helmets and inline skates.

The clothing and gear from Ollie's can then be used when you roll-in to Longview's first skatepark, Dodson Action Sports Complex, which opened in December. 

Dodson Action Sports Complex is at former tennis courts at Ingram Park in Longview. The skatepark can be used by skateboards, scooters, inline skates and BMX freestyle bikes.

The park was made possible as a result of a partnership between the city of Longview and the community. The community raised $40,000 for the facility, and the city provided $40,000 in matching funds. Brian Dodson, for whom the skatepark is named, led the volunteer and fundraising effort.

The new skatepark is giving children and adults alike a place to practice their kickflips while wearing the signature skater style of the 1990s.

To get the skater style, choose loose styles that are comfortable and practical. Rock graphic T-shirts with plaid shirts or hoodies on top. Pair those with comfy bottoms and classic footwear.

Models Wensdae Williams, Ledale Sparkman and Julian Esquivel showcased Ollie's skater style and gear at Dodson Action Sports Complex. Thank you to our models, to Ollie's Skate Shop and to Dodson Action Sports Complex for partnering with us for our first ETX View fashion shoot.