A new counseling and wellness center in Tyler is striving to serve individuals by treating the mind, body and soul.

Located on 10 acres of land in the southern area of the city, Living Well offers holistic counseling and wellness services. Founded by licensed professional counselors Kami Jackson and Amy Waters, Living Well offers a retreat-like atmosphere where people can come to renew their minds, restore their bodies and refresh their souls.

“As we’ve offered therapy, part of what we have realized is that when someone comes in because they want to make changes or they want to feel better, we really need to address the whole person. If we’re only addressing one part, then we’ve left something out,” Waters said. “The more integrated we are, the healthier we are. So when you integrate the mind, the body and the soul and address all of that, people do better.”

Visitors at Living Well can choose to partake in one specific service or in a variety of services. The holistic wellness services include counseling, health and nutrition, soul care, massage, yoga and overall wellness. Additionally when guests are at Living Well, they have use of the entire property which includes three nature trails located across 6 acres of land as well as the ability to sit beside a beautiful pool located adjacent to the yoga center.

Wellness services include an infrared sauna, red light therapy and the NuCalm relaxation system. NuCalm uses biosignaling technology combined with audio entertainment to neutralize the stress response and offer deep relaxation. The technology takes brain waves to the verge of sleep to enable relaxation. Spending 30 to 60 minutes with the NuCalm system can leave people feeling like they’ve rested for three to four hours.

The sauna uses far infrared waves to allow heat to directly penetrate the body. Regular infrared sauna sessions can lower cortisol levels, reduce stress and anxiety and alleviate some symptoms associated with depression. Meanwhile, red light therapy uses low wavelength red light exposure to the skin to help improve skin health while also relieving stress and anxiety.

Through massage, therapists also help the body relax meanwhile the Soul Care program brings together small groups to connect with themselves and with God.

With regard to counseling services, counselors meet patients where they are to help them reach their goals meanwhile the health and nutrition team offers individualized plans to nourish the body.

Looking toward the future, Jackson and Waters said they have many plans for growth at Living Well. Shorter term goals include establishing sensory gardens and a labyrinth, while a long-term goal is to one day have cottages and serve as a retreat center.

With its current services, Living Well offers a variety of price points that allow the center to be “accessible to anybody,” Jackson said.

“We really are trying to make sure we have ways that anybody can access services and receive some level of care,” Jackson said. “We want somebody to walk in the door and be able to let their hair down. They can be open here and comfortable and we want people to be able to afford it.”

To learn more about Living Well and its services, visit livingwelltyler.com.


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