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Lucero Harris, along with her husband, son, and daughter, are making it their mission to assist veterans in the community any way possible, including selling only veteran-made products in their store Operation Unbroken.

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As a child, LaDarian Brown would return home from Sunday worship services and mimic every single thing he’d witnessed at church that day. From the preachers giving sermons and deacons praying to church ladies jumping around and clapping as they sang to music, Brown would imitate everything h…

For two people who enjoy structure, Trey and Jennifer Hattaway also embrace the spontaneity of life and have found flexibility, a sense of humor and community support to have played a role in their lives.

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ETX View, a new magazine highlighting different people, businesses, food, fashion, and travel will be available this Friday.

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Last year, we covered a few businesses closing during the pandemic, and the big surprise to us was the number of chains or big-box stores that called it a day in East Texas.

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