Whether you’re looking for a weekend escape, a date night location or simply a place to sip a glass of wine, Rowdy Creek Ranch provides the ideal location to relax in East Texas.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Gilmer, Rowdy Creek Ranch features more than 350 acres with beautiful views. The ranch offers glamping trailers that are uniquely decorated with cowboy and retro inspired themes. With gorgeous vineyards, the ranch also features a winery where Texas made wines can be sampled.

From its luscious vineyards and beautiful event center to its secluded pond and cute glamping trailers, Rowdy Creek Ranch provided the perfect backdrop for this issue’s fashion shoot.

River Outfitters in Longview provided comfy, trendy clothing for a weekend spent glamping as well as beautiful date night attire that will have you feeling stylish for an evening out.

Thank you to Rowdy Creek Ranch for providing the perfect setting and to Peters Chevrolet for sponsoring this issue’s fashion shoot.

Thank you also to River Outfitters for lending such beautiful clothing and a special thank you to Kylie Hess and Sam Witt for beautifully modeling for this issue’s fashion shoot.


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